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Even after expansion south to Abell Street, West Toronto Railpath will still have room to grow and connections to make. Help that happen by letting the city councillors directly responsible know that you support West Toronto Railpath reaching its full potential. The ready-made email below lists the three most important future goals for expansion. Feel free to add your thoughts and say why the Railpath expansion matters to you. Thanks for your support!

Send to:
Councillor Ana Bailão (Ward 9):
Councillor Mike Layton (Ward 10):
Councillor Gord Perks (Ward 4):



To Councillor Bailão, Councillor Layton, Councillor Perks

Dear Councillors,

I support the expansion of West Toronto Railpath to fulfill its promise of making the West End of Toronto truly intermodal. A connected community is a healthy vibrant community. Since stage 1 opened in 2009, Railpath has become one of the most beloved pieces of infrastructure in the City of Toronto. The number of users and the variety of users continues to grow. With stage 2 expansion now within sight it's time to work on finishing this network so that it serves as many as possible and as far and wide as possible. To do this…

  1. I support connecting West Toronto Railpath from Abell Street to Liberty Village using a bridge that is part of the proposed King-Liberty SmartTrack station.

  2. I support extending West Toronto Railpath north from Cariboo Street to the proposed St. Clair SmartTrack station and Weston.

  3. I support connecting West Toronto Railpath south of Dundas Street across the Georgetown rail corridor to Wabash Park.

We have started something great, now let’s finish the West Toronto Railpath.